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Rhonda Allison Signature Facials

A results-driven treatment that goes above and beyond Rhonda Allison standard Corrective Facials. Some of these treatments incorporate Rhonda Allison custom peel ingredients and may require the purchase of at-home or post-peel products for better results reducing adverse reactions. Some Signature Facials available, include:

  • Hibiscus Facial-Fight the signs of aging and brighten skin tone with the potency of the Hibiscus flower. Benefit from the moisturizing capabilities of lactic acid. A rejuvenating treatment for all skin types by stimulating collage, balancing excess oil and providing antioxidant support for radiant skin.  $125.00

  • Mitoprotect DN-Awake Facial –Energize, stimulate and enhance your skin with restoring facial activating the skin’s own healing mechanisms. Any skin type can benefit from this treatment while enjoying the hot and cold sensations of infused nutrients.  $125.00

  • Skin Fitness Treatment-Muscle tone is one of the most important aspects of youthful, firm skin tissue. Give your skin the workout it needs. This facial offers a potent blend of peptides, amino acids, vitamins, and, herbs, boosting collagen support and encouraging your skin’s elasticity.  $125.00

  • Uplift Facial-The 2014 Rhonda Allison Signature Facial provides an uplifting experience with double enzyme exfoliation deeply cleansing the skin. Followed with a botanical protein masque providing intense facial muscle stimulation. $135.00